Research Equipment

Research Equipment

Lithium Ion Based Energy Storage System

□ Utilize to build a cloud-based energy block convergence Smart Energy Town platform

● Utilize to develop a distributed energy’s production/storage/consumption convergence operation technology

● Essential equipment for conducting empirical research by building a Smart Energy Town test bed on campus

● Equipment that is the basis for the creation of a cloud-based Smart Energy Town Hub by researching and putting into practice the core technology of energy integrated operation that optimizes multi-objective functions

□ Utilization of DC Bus-based ESS System

● Utilize to develop a battery condition monitoring algorithm through battery operation data collection – Utilize to develop an algorithm to improve PV power generation forecasting accuracy in connection with ESS and PV power generation

□ Plan to use it to develop efficient power distribution algorithm such as load-ESS-EV linked to DC-Bus
□ Utilize to develop efficient electric vehicle charging algorithm linking ESS-electric vehicle-PV
□ Develop an operation algorithm for reducing the peak load of the campus

ESS Specification (General)
● ESS System (for DC Power Distribution) * 2EA
– DC-DC Converter Capacity : 50[kW] x 2ea
– DC Grid Rated Voltage : 750[V]
– DC Rated Current : 80[A]
– Efficiency_max : 98[%]
– Including PMS Function
– Li-ion Battery Capacity : 548[kWh], 137kWh x 4set
– Battery Voltage Range : 633~822[V]● Grid-connected Inverter PCS Device- Rater Power : 250[kW]
– AC Rated Voltage : 440[V]
– AC Rated Current : 328[A]
– DC Input Range : 650~900[V]
– DC Voltage_max : 1100[V]
– Efficiency_max : Over 98[%]
– Including PMS Function

Model : PLABEX-H250k

Input (DC)
Nominal. Input power [kW]263
Max. Input voltage [Vdc]1100
Max. Input current [Adc]367
DC Voltage Range [Vdc]750~1100
Output (AC)
Nominal [kW]250
Nominal Output Current [Aac]328
Output Voltage [Vac, ±10%]440
Frequency [Hz]60±0.3
Current Harmonic [%]<3
Power Factor≧0.99
Grid StructureIT, TN, TT
Max. efficiency [%]> 98.0
Dimensions (W/D/H) [mm]750 X 700 X 2008
Weight [kg]about 650
General Data
Cooling PrincipleForced Air Cooling
Relative Humidity [%]<95
Altitude above Sea Level [m]<1000
Grand Fault MonitoringYes
IP Level21
CommunicationEthernet (TCP/IP), CAN, RS-232/485

UV, OV, OF, UF, OC, SC, etc

DC Disconnector, DC fuse, AC fuse, ACB etc


Nominal Voltage [V]744.6Design Spec.
Nominal Capacity [Ah]246
Energy [kWh]183.1 
Using Energy [kWh]149.4DoD 80% Operation
Charge Voltage [V]856.8Max. Not For Cycle
Discharge Voltage [V]612
Operating Voltage [V]652.8 ~ 826.2DoD 80% Long Cycle Life
Charge MethodCC-CV 
Charge Current [A]64A0.33C-Rate
Discharge Current [A]64A0.33C-Rate
Configuration ProductModule 17EA 
Protection FunctionOVP, UVP, IVP 
OCP, Off Gas, Temp., Hum. 
Protection UnitDC Relay, Fuse 
Weight [kg]About 1,338 
Size575 * 1904 * 950W * H * D(mm)

Operation Temperature


Operation Humidity [%]40~60 
CommunicationRS-485 & CANNodule to Rack BMS
Modbus RTUto PMS or EMS


Installation TypeIndoor
Cooling PrincipleFree Air Cooling
Terminal SpecificationBUSBAR
Number of phase3
Rate Capacity [kVA]500
Rate Frequency [Hz]60
%Impedance(Secondary1) [%]5
%Impedance(Secondary2) [%]5
%Impedance(Primary) [%]1
Insulation ClassH
Insulation Voltage [kV]3.5
Nominal Operating Temperature [°C]40
Limit Operating Temperature [°C]Max. 125
Max. power loss 
Core MaterialOriented silicon steel strip
Coil MaterialAL
Thermal Switch [°C]150
Temperature SensorNTC5kΩ

Model : DCP Power

DC Output (PLABEX-H250K#1)
Rated Output Power [kW]250
Voltage Range [Vdc]750~1000
Max. voltage [Vdc]110
Max. current [Adc]79
DC Input (PLADEX-50#1.2)
Rated Input Power [kW]50kW * 2
Voltage Range [Vdc]640~850
Max. voltage [Vdc]1100
Max. current [Adc]158
DC Spare x2 (Disconnector switch)
Rated Voltage [Vdc]1100
Rated Current [Adc]500
Rated short-circuit making Capacity [kA]9.6
General data
Cooling PrincipleFree Air Cooling
Relative Humidity [%]<95
Altitude above Sea Level [m]<1,000
Grand Fault MonitoringYes
IP Level21

Model : PLADEX-H50k

Input (DC Battery)
Nominal. Input power [kW]52.5
Max. Input voltage [Vdc]1000
Max. Input current [Adc]82
DC Voltage Range [Vdc]640~850
Output (DC Grid)
Nominal [kW]50
Nominal Voltage [Vdc]750
Max. Output current [Adc]79
DC Voltage Range [Vdc]640~850
General Data
Cooling PrincipleForced Air Cooling
Dimensions (W/D/H) [mm]750 * 750 * 1655
Weight [kg]about 500
Relative Humidity [%]<95
Altitude above Sea Level [m]<1,000
Grand Fault MonitoringTes
IP Level21
CommunicationEthernet(TCP/IP), CAN, RS-232/485
ProtectionUV, OV, OF, UF, OC, SC, ets.
DC Disconnector, DC Fuse, AC Fuse, ACB etc.

Typhoon HIL 404

ProcessorUp to 4 core
Channels16 x Analog inputs (AI)
16 x Analog outputs (AO)
32 x Digital inputs (DI)
32 x Digital outputs (DO)
GDS Oversampling resolution3.5ns
Resolution16 bit
Analog IO voltage range± 10 V
Built-in scopeYes
Machine models supportBasic
CompatibilityHIL DSP Interface
HIL Breakout board
HIL dS Interfaces
HIL uGrid DSP Interface
SoftwareHIL Control Center
Self Driving Shuttle Bus
Our Lab has purchased a self-driving shuttle bus from Easymile Co. for Smart Campus Project. The vehicle is being tested inside the campus for autonomous driving.
Model. No: Easymile EZ10 Gen3
Max. Passengers 12
Length 4,050 mm
Width 1,892 mm
Height 2,871
Ground clearance 214 mm
Tyres 195/65 R16
Engine Electric
Power 16 kW
Max. Speed 18 km/h
Max. Slope 15 %